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Pressure Cleaning:

Our Professional cleaning specialists ensure that we will protect and beautify your home or business. Our services include pressure washing, sealing, roof sealing, driveways, pressure cleaning, pool decks and more...

Roof Cleaning
    Soft Washing

A Roof is Pretty significant investment, and i'ts important to take action to help it maintain its quality for as long as possible.

House Washing

Our Soft Washing process usually take place over this service. This Approach, Which pairs potent cleaners with technology that propels water at a low pressure. Its Gentle but powerful enough to remove stains.

Driveway/ Sideway

The Buildup on your concrete and hardscapes tends to be stubborn. These are sticky issues and it takes more than elbow grease to get rid of them.

Amazonia Pressure cleaning uses especial pressurized equipment to expel cleaners on the affected area.

We Clean Also: 
  • The Entire Community
  • Curbs - Garages
  • Mail Stations
  • Pool Decks - Pool Houses
  • Play Ground Equipments
  • Monument Signs
  • Commun Area